In 2010, using an inheritance from Albert & Josephine Camperlino, Eric Horvat founded AJC Professional Services, LLC.  Eric Horvat is an Architectural Engineer, educated at The Pennsylvania State University, who has a firm understanding that Client goals, budget, design and construction must all meld together in order for a project to be successful.  Unique among the majority of design professionals, Eric started his career in construction as a service engineer for a Harrisburg based mechanical contractor.  Eric spent almost 10 years in the construction industry managing mechanical, electrical and plumbing projects and companies. 

With a good grasp of the construction field, Eric left the construction industry and joined the design field with a firm headquartered in Maryland.  Eric first served as a commissioning engineer on multiple Federal Government projects in the Maryland/DC corridor where he learned how to fill the gaps between design intent and construction reality.  As such, he brings a real world perspective to design and the ability to communicate between design professionals and contractors alike.

With such a complete background, AJC Professional Services is able to communicate, conceptualize, design and support construction on a multitude of project types and delivery methods.  We listen and understand when performing feasibility studies to help direct our Clients to achieve their goals.  We are sensitive to Architects and realize when our systems are interfering with the overall aesthetic.  We appreciate the building owners who must maintain their systems for the next 20 years and require space and access to do so.  And we recognize that design-build contractors have previously established a relationship with their Clients and largely require Code expertise and professional guidance with respect to achieving Code compliance and obtaining their building permit. 

In 2010, 0ur first projects were smaller than larger design firms were interested in pursuing and over the years our projects have grown in size and complexity.  While we are large enough to handle the large and complicated design challenges, we are willing to handle projects of all scopes and sizes.  In fact, we prefer to start on smaller projects with our new clients so we can establish a relationship and understanding of how AJC Professional Services can best communicate with you and help you achieve your overall project goals.

AJC Professional Services